Known Issues


Issue 1: Color detection:

The big fish in this project senses the little fish using the "color is over color?" block. See Sensing Help Screens. This block returns a boolean -- true when a particular color in the sprite is over some other particular color in another sprite or the background.

This is problematic for us since we:

a) have no way of accessing the pixels in jpeg bitmaps

b) have a hard time finding the pixels when an image is scaled, flipped or rotated

c) have to treat all sprites on lower layers than the current sprite separately. In other versions we used an offscreen bitmap to do this

In general we'd like full read/write access to the pixels in a bitmap and the ability to draw to offscreen bitmaps. This project shows some of the issues. There are others.


Issue 2: Image Filtering

This project shows that we need to get to pixels even for jpeg. Also, that the pixel access has to be quite fast. Some of the filters may be provided by the platform but others won't. For those that aren't its important to be able to transform every pixel in a bitmap in a fraction of a second. See the change effect block.


Issue 3: Sounds

This project shows how we are using fairly complete midi synthesis. There are *way* too many possible notes to have included with the player. This project shows how the set of notes can only be determined at run time.

In addition to midi synthesis we also have the ability to record and play back sounds. In the project file these sounds are stored as .wav. Sounds can be imported as well. See Sound Help Screens for more details.


Other Issues and Bugs

1. Timing needs to be adjusted (wait, etc.)

2. Balloons: the text is not centered, and the balloon positions isn't as smart as in Scratch

3. This player is as per fetures in Scratch Player v22

4. Watchers images may need some small readjustements.